Affordable Healthcare Company
Affordable Healthcare Company

  • About Us

    Our Vision & Mission


    To provide affordable and preventive healthcare to all through a new system

    By leveraging human health data, we will innovate constantly to reduce healthcare costs and Increase efficiencies with a singular mission of creating a healthy and happy planet.


    A world on a standard affordable health plan that is self-sustaining and will support innovation as the human race evolves

     A world where everyone’s health is tracked not for profit but for the betterment of the Human race.

    Striving to solve the patient to doctor ratio & inpatient beds available ratio in the country.

    Standardizing quality of care using health data to track and visualizing public health.

    Our Team

    We are a bunch bio hackers, technologist, healthcare & business professionals that are on a mission to create a healthy and a happy planet by providing truly preventive and affordable healthcare.